Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cartoon 27: Rest in this WildLife

One of my favorite things to do during my time with America Latina Cooperativa was to hang my head out of the window of the motorhome as we travel just letting the landscape wash over me.  I could feel the stress of traveling, of learning so much so fast, of meeting so many people with incredible and intense stories and of living a rather intense one myself wash away as my eyes glided over the awe inspiring lush lush nature of Mexico and Central America.  In Mexico we met a caterpillar (pictured in the bottom right hand side of the drawing) that was unbelievable!! He was the size of an elongated hotdog with bright yellow and black strips and his belly was brilliant red-orange!  As we drove down, I watched the incredible beauty fly by, taking in the deep deep greens and watching the flowering trees change from yellow to orange to red on our way toward Costa Rica. In Nicaragua we met these amazing trees that actually weren't trees but groups of vines that had surrounded a tree and taken it over leaving only the vines in the shape of a tree. Wow! 

Now I have parted with the folks from America Latina Cooperativa.   We became a family for three months of intense work, accompanying each other in every part of our lives. Sharing with folks in the different communities living incredible stories, seeing things that someone from where I´m from was never meant to see.  As my gramma would say, what a priveledge. I read a great quote the other day, ´Life is not about finding ourselves, it´s about creating ourselves.´ This trip has continued to create me in a million new ways, and I just keep watching the rolling mountains that remind me that no matter what I´m going through, the capacity of life is just so so huge that the stress just isn´t that important. It´s time to go home for a Rest in this Wild Life...


  1. i love you sara! beautiful cartoon and beautiful post :) i agree 100%!

    1. Thank u Kelly bean! Luv u 2!!! Xoxo infinito

  2. Hey Sara, I (fellow extranjero, Alaska) crossed paths with you briefly in Bogota on the hiking/mandala expedition one drizzly afternoon a month ago. Just wanted to say I love your cartoons! Keep it up. It was truly a pleasure to meet another traveler who represents a better side of our country and culture, working to create something beautiful.

    Hope to see more cartoons soon... where are you now? I just got home a week ago after a year down there, it's weird. But I'm ecstatic to back too.

    Cuidate, que te vayas bien! Abrazos, -ben

  3. hey ben!! it was really awesome to meet you to, i so wish we could have hung out more before you headed out!!
    i send you lots of positive energy for the post crazy trip depression that almost always comes, its so hard to transition even when you are so so happy to be back!
    im headed to Villa de Leyba for a Kite Festival that just happens to be close to the next place I will be staying for a while!
    sending a huge hug!