About the Trip

In about two years, I will be making my way from México City to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil collaborating with individuals, groups and organizations who share a passion for social work through the arts and social circus.  I spent the first 7 months traveling with KQDA [Collective That Brings Happiness], a culturally diverse collective of independent social artists [clowns, jugglers, aerialists, dancers, musicians, and anyone else who wants to join in :)] who have developed diverse projects over the last six years using performance art as a tool for social integration and transformation. ( www.kqda.org)  

Now, I am traveling with a group called América Latina Collectiva whose work is oriented to reflect on how, why and who can build cooperation among peoples of Latin America.  We are 9 people stuffed in a motorhome traveling from Mexico City to Panama collaborating with various social organizations through a three part strategy: a social circus show with the theme of collaboration, a workshop with the same theme, and the production of a documentary.  These 3 actions work together to create a space to reflect and build strategies on how social movements throughout Latin America can collaborate, the idea being that by connecting these movements, we can become one united front toward a more just society for all.  ( http://www.alcoop.org/definicion?lang=en )

The trip is funded through various activities.  Many organizations with which I collaborate can offer food and housing while I work with them.  For other expenses, performance in the streets [busking] and in local venues, making and selling origami paper products, seeking contracts with social organizations in the communities that I visit, and the generous financial collaboration of the amazing folks who follow me along the way help keep my belly full [thank you sooooo much!] [if you are interested in collaborating financially, please know that your generosity goes a long way ($5 is a meal for three, $20 is food for three days!, $500 is enough to do an entire month long social project in a community!) please click on the paypal secure ‘BUY ME A TACO’ icon on the home page!].