Thank Yous

So many people and forces have come together to make this possible where do I start...

Thank you so much to my amazing family~ my mom and dad whose unconditional support and trust nudges me to dream crazy and catches me like a slow motion trampoline when I need rest and a shot of the power of love to keep on truckin'.  Thank you to my beautiful sister who's generous home was the brewing ground for this project and whose loving feedback keeps me on track and learning like crazy.

Thank you Donald~ inspiration, guide, angel, encyclopedia, chef of pure goodness... i look so forward to walking through life with you and smelling every flower on the way.

KQDA~ Aiy the things that I have learned working with you all.  I am endlessly thankful to you for nourishing my path with insight, laughter, and wild imagination.  My life is forever changed by knowing you and having the opportunity to work so closely with such a talented group of dreamers.

Mariana~ this is a thank you in advance... as I continue to try to untangle and understand all the deeply rooted social dynamics that enrich and challenge my path, your steadfast, profound heart and mind will be a sanctuary for me as they have been since the moment we meet. 

My community at home~ the Kato kids, the girls, Jason, Gustavo y Ellie, Wally n Myffy n Leifer n all my grady n otherwise folks, Chris Anderson and Jason Blain and all my sumi boom folks, Maria the inspirational, Sybil n Dave, Ann Derek Terri Rich Herb Tommy, gramma J, OPA!, the acroyogis and all of the amazing people who were so supportive to this project at home.  I can't wait to share this adventure with you and I'm ready for you the moment you decide to come on down :)

...and last but not all least, thank you to Danny, David and his beautiful wonderful partner whose name slips my mind but whose generosity of spirit does not for a second.  Thank you endlessly for taking interest in a neighborhood waitress' dreams and convincing me to believe and just go for it!