Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cartoon 5: Amazing Things in Mexico Part Two

So now everyone go home and try it and let me know how it goes!! The only extra thing I want to share about this cartoon is that in the last frame the two characters exclaim 'Super!' cuz that's a common slang here amongst people who have some access to the English language.   For instance here, a 'super amiga' is like a best friend. Or you could say 'Como estas?' and the reply could be 'Super!' It makes me giggle when folks say it cuz its a word that we almost never use these days.  I hear English words pop up often within the Spanish spoken here in Mexico City. I just learned a new slang last night- the adjective 'Forever'.  From what I understand it's used to describe people who never finish anything; who have a million projects and ideas but when it comes down to it they get forever stuck in procrastination or disorganization. I.e. 'I think I have been a forever person lots of times in my life.' :S  Also, I took a Zumba class and the teacher kept saying 'Yeah' to pump everybody up. But it's pronounced like 'Yeeeeh Uh' with lots of emphasis all over the place :) So hope everyone is Super and not having a Forever week, Yeeeeh Uh!


  1. Okay, how many times do I need to drag the spoon edge across my eyelashes!? Maybe I need a spoon with a sharper edge, 'cause I ain't gettin' much curl here.

    Its funny finding that 'Super' has made it into Spanglish (does that apply to Mexico City Spanish?) now. I got a giggle hearing it all over in Germany years back. There it sounded more like 'Zup-air'.

    Now back to painting a Forever project.

  2. HI Sara, let me tell you something:

    "Super" is from greek and it means "upon", not from english. Spanish is a greek-latin language, so historically "super" is more ancient in our language (spanish) and not in English. In spanish we have others "anglicismos", (sorry for don´t kwnow the correct word in english), like "futbol" or "blog" (like this yours). But definitively "super" is not one of them.

    HOlds for you.


    1. Hey Jorge! Im so sorry it took me a bit to get back to you and thank you so much for the correction. I guess I recognized it as an English word since folks pronounce it just like it's said in English. I think lots of English words are based on Latin like all romance languages. So I wonder if the current use of the word ´Super´in Spanish came directly from Latin or if it traveled through English on the way?? What do you think?
      Hope you are well!!!