Friday, July 1, 2011

Cartoon 4: Amazing Things in Mexico Part One

So this drawing shows one day when I was in the metro and, like I mentioned in the last cartoon, there are lots and lots and LOTS of people. At rush hour when the doors open at each station, if you want to get off you basically have to put your football pads on and sprint full force forward. If you hesitate even for a second, the wave of people getting on the train will literally carry you backward and deposit you in the middle of a sea of people far far away from your desired exit. The first time I encountered this wave, I was totally unprepared. I had never experienced being physically overpowered by anything and I was stunned. Then, I guess my fight/flight response took over and I hunkered down and started throwin' bows (pushing people out of my way) and I was able to get off the train. But then I realized that the wave of people had taken my yoga mat! I turned around to find that amazingly, the people on the train were crowd surfing my mat back to me, A guy handed it to me with a smile before the doors closed and the train rushed off.  My body buzzed, touched by my encounter with my survival instinct, and my heart soared at being so well taken care of by these strangers.

This cartoon is the first of three of beautiful/crazy/intense things that I've seen or have happened to me since I've been in Mexico so stay tuned ;)


  1. Que bueno!
    Love the development in the multi frame story (including the background romance, mother tending daughter, and other characters.) And the descriptive narrative delights. One nit to pick is your changing into a stripped shirt after the first frame independent of the helmet appearing. Am I missing some visual cue going on with that?

    On a technical note, are you hand inking all the black areas or filling some after you scan your drawings?

    Looking forward to more crazy intense episodes and more U.S.A. rules football Sara. Speaking of which, do you think of your main character as Sara or some other way? And did anyone reading "football pads" think of soccer shin guards?

  2. I'm so glad you are enjoying your time! These little stories gives me great confidence in the universal good in people!

  3. Thank you Myron!! Missin you guys but Im living and learning so much!

    Donald, dang! I drew the stripes in pencil but then I guess I missed them in ink... Im busted! Oh well, gives me new determination to check all the details :) I am kinda switching around my technique, sometimes hand inking, sometimes using photoshop fill. Trying to see which I like better... The football helmet came out of nowhere just as much as my survival instinct did. I felt like I just magically converted into a defensivelinewoman!

  4. i love your blog!!! and i'm so delighted to have access to your wonderful journey through this blog. it's funny thatpeople there say super a lot. i was recently in france andpeople there seem to use super alot to, well, with a french accent. it's a good word hehe. <3

  5. Siren Queen thank you so much for taking a look at the blog!! How did you find it? I think you maybe the first person that I haven't met in person who is accompanying me on my journey!! How exciting!! :) Thank you so much for letting me know you are enjoying the cartoons!